ways of knowing’ is a collaborative, process-based performance project exploring concepts of mastery, expertise, and value through reciprocal acts of knowledge exchange. This project stems from the question of what is “mastery” or “expertise”? How do we display power when even our discriminate usage of these terms reveals troublesome patterns, often leaving a surplus of valuable “other” ways of knowing to the wayside? ‘ways of knowing’ asks the public to share their skills and stories of expertise with us as we share HPP’s process of codifying our own methods of art making.

In 2018 ‘ways of knowing’ partnered with six different organizations and artists to host public guided dinners at Links Hall in Roscoe Village, Homiey in Humboldt Park, with Amina Dickerson in South Shore, HOMEroom with Erin Kilmurray in Humboldt Park, High Concept Labs in Pilsen, SAIC at Nichols Tower in Homan Square, and The Solarium with Sojourner Wright in Rogers Park.

From these interactions we have created a full-length performance piece that blurs the line between audience and performer. Project partner On The Real Film has created a new immersive video work that takes the form of multiple projections in nine sections utilizing footage from community gatherings, interviews, portraits, and stylized video montage. Central video themes are: Opening Ritual, Systems of Knowledge, Ancestral Knowledge, Bias, Knowledge as Product, Knowledge’s Toll, Informed Knowledge, Failures of Knowledge, and Mastery/Alternative Knowledge Economy.

ways of knowing premieres November 2-10 2019 at Experimental Station (6100 S. Blackstone Ave., Chicago IL 60637). Get tickets HERE.

Donate to our ‘ways of knowing’ campaign for the project at our FB Fundraiser or HERE.