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A meditation on the value and alchemy of a practice, ways of knowing invites the public into a series of studio workshops mixing dialogue and pedagogy as Honey Pot Performance (HPP) explores this long time multidisciplinary creative collaborative’s hybrid ways of making. What is the craft of our creative process? What are our rituals, our come back to’s, our ways of sitting deep in our collective practice of making together? And how do we establish value for the kind of work we do and care about?

In ways of knowing, HPP digs in to explore concepts of mastery, expertise, and value using the ensemble’s own evolving creative process as a center to build new work. What is “mastery” or “expertise”? How do we display power when even our discriminate usage of these terms reveals troublesome patterns, often leaving a surplus of valuable “other” ways of knowing to the wayside? And yet, mastery or expertise can also indicate the joy and magic of states of flow, of a meditative and intimate familiarity with a particular way of knowing. Labeling expertise can become an exercise in choosing sides, presiding definitions revealing conflicted notions within individuals as well as between groups. Which notions of mastery come to predominate the conversation and which are sidelined? On which criteria can we meet halfway? Which claims become our common ground?

In reciprocal acts of knowledge exchange, we invite the public to share their stories and skills of expertise with us as HPP shares our own methods of creative process and art making. We will gather in fellowship with people from all walks of life to discuss the value of our various knowledge making tools and the skills we work to sharpen and refine through our respective practices. 

ways of knowing premieres November 2019 

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