Price Point is a multi-arts performance project exploring notions of fairness and balance, or the lack thereof, in today’s economic landscape through a mixture of the tragic and comic.



The work illustrates connections between micro-stories of the economy’s impact on individual psyches/souls and macro-stories of its effects on global society. Themes include democracy, fair wages, economic vulnerability, and the state of the “American Dream.” Built around ethnographic narratives set as movement, theater, and sound scores, Price Point illuminates stories of everyday citizens struggling to find a sense of direction, purpose, and value in the wake of an uncertain labor market. This instability ripples outward impacting people’s perceptions of and interactions through their work, relationships and communities.  At its core the work explores the abstract question, “What is the value of living?” through the lived routines, ruptures, and embodiments of people who experience our current economy’s pressures and aftershocks daily.