The Time is Always

By Jo de Presser, Music Curator/Artistic Collaborator, Honey Pot Performance

Vigilance should not be locked up next to our six pack cans of whoop ass. Although, we should always keep the whoop ass on the table of negotiations when dealing with the overwhelming onslaught challenging us as we pursue equality and justice. We should not be in a state of despair, but rather in a perpetual consciousness (and conscience) ready to seek a better world and understanding.

I decided long ago to always create and promote an outlet of self expression for myself, friends, and community. I use a variety of tools to create this space: dj’ing, poetry, inclusion, empowerment, and understanding. I’m truly elated when I see people and businesses stand and promote fairness and when they create safe environments for those disregarded from conversations and perspectives within our larger cultural, national and world narratives. With these values in mind and in my heart, it felt natural and fitting for me to work with Honey Pot Performance.

Honey Pot has been a soulful experience for me, my family, and friends. I’ve been welcomed into a community of workers and most importantly, passionate artists who have an unconditional Love for community, family, and each other. The ongoing conversation to create and activate our conscience to build and work towards a better tomorrow is rewarding beyond measure. Through the artistic works we make together, we continue to challenge ourselves to push the envelope of our creativity. We continue to ask hard, uncomfortable questions. We currently live in a world that will not let us become comfortable or complacent, a world that requires us to think of alternative strategies and solutions to show that our lives matter.

Through Meida McNeal’s wonderful incisive perspective, Honey Pot has infused the voices of our community within the artwork. Often, we interview people directly connected to the issues confronted in our performance. Or, we make space for their voices in the workshops we facilitate to build the voices of characters or the themes of a project.  So, through our creative works we let the choir preach to the community and world--the community does the work with us.

Our new website is a symbol opening new roads to welcome long time supporters, those who are interested to get to know us better, and to bridge communities we may not have reached yet.  It is a digital place to house Honey Pot’s past, present and future performance, dialog, and collaborations. We wish to keep this environment alive and active to let everyone know we are vigilant and compassionate about the future. Oh, and that we are always ready to pop open that nice cold frosty can of whoop ass...



Meida McNeal